Last year, Exercism announced a challenge called #12in23. Each month, they would feature certain languages alongside a few interesting exercises in an attempt to encourage users to learn 12 programming languages in the year.

This year, they announced #48in24. No, they didn’t expect everyone to suddenly learn 4 times as many languages - the site only has 67 languages (as of the last time I updated this page), so you’d have to cover 70% of their content! Instead, each week, beginning from mid-January, they feature a new exercise, along with 3 languages to try it in.

I really enjoyed #12in23, and completed all of the featured exercises, earning myself a shiny virtual badge! But reading through some of the discussions on the Exercism Discord server, I felt like I should have taken more time to reflect on the languages, instead of just blasting through them.

So that’s what I’ll be doing on this blog! Each week, once I’ve completed the exercise in 3 languages, I’ll reflect on it here. For some tasks, I will have already completed it in a featured language, which means I get to choose another language to reach the goal of 3 per task in 2024.

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